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I would like to thank all the Elie and sons team for the good service.All the Hindu ritual were respected with good care. All sanitary measures were taken. Our family was impressed by the professionalism of the team . I would highly recommend this company.

Nandita Gopaul    May 10, 2021  

Je tiens personellement a remercier et feliciter l'equipe d Elie & Sons pour son organisation lors des obseques de ma tante Therese.Le professionalisme etait vraiment au rendez vous.Bravo et merci encore.

Maryline Toinette    May 5, 2021  

Les familles Laxade, Toinette et Turenne remercient chaleureusement Elie and Sons pour l'organisation des funerailles de Therese Phaesie survenue le 5 Avril 2021. Nous tenons a exprimer notre profonde reconnaissance pour le professionalisme de l'equipe surtout Ornella qui nous a accompagne dans ces moments difficiles. Merci aussi a l'equipe de la chapelle ardente,les white ladies et Stephanie Cerdor(pour les chants a l'eglise) qui ont assure le service d'une facon impeccable. Dans cette difficile epreuve de la vie qu'est la perte d'un etre cher,le soutien d'Elie and Sons a ete tres apprecie. Merci encore.

Jane Laxade    May 4, 2021  

Dear Team,

I want to thank you for the service given to my family for the funeral of the triplets of my brother Gary and wife Anais Antoine(SLIMANE,ALIANA and KY-MANI).
Specially to Stephane,who has been with us since Monday 19 April to Saturday 24 April 2021.
He has helped us in all steps of the funeral.HATS OFF.Dedicated employee and very professional mindset.Go extra miles for us.I am very thankful to him.
The service has been very smart.
A little thanks also for the two ladies of your company who were here also. They have been very helpful also.
I wish your company lots of success in the future and god bless you all.

Jean Francois Antoine    April 24, 2021  

We would like to thank Elie and Sons for their professionalism, help and support for the death of Mr Permal Chengalanee on Saturday the 17th of April 2021.A special thanks to Yuvrin for his punctuality and help.

Deven, Nadia, Jaymila Chengalanee and Nevin Palany.

Jaymila Chengalanee    April 21, 2021  

Cela fais une semaine depuis que ma G.mere maternelle nous a quitter.son depart fût très vite.
Je tiens à dire merci à l'équipe d'elie and son. Principalement à krystelle et Stéphane
Valère d'avoir d'été présente dans ce moment difficile. Étant tous a l'étranger , vous avez apporter un support a mes parents. Surtout pour ma maman. Mr valère les as bien encadrer du début a la fin.
Vous apporte un service irréprochable et humain. Vous comprenez la faiblesse de la personnel.
Au nom de la famille : Marianne, Nadal,oh seng, coushna, l'epinay,Dibel ,Juwell,gonzales ont vous disent tous un Grand MERCI

Dibel    April 18, 2021  

I wish to thank the whole team of Elie & Sons, specially Ornella for their professionalism. We were guided throughout the whole process and everything was explained clearly.Our suggestions were always taken into consideration. Ornella was always reacheable either by text or phone no matter the time of the day. What was a very difficult moment for our familly was made easier freeing of of the worry of all the organisation and paperwork.
My heartfelt thanks.

Sonny    April 15, 2021  

We would like to thank Elie n Sons team for the support and excellent service for the Funeral of our beloved Lindsay Utile who left us during confinement period. Special thanks to stephan Valere

Jean christophe Utile    April 9, 2021  

A bIG Thank You to the choir and amazing voice of Stephanie for making the ceremony even more heart touching. Elie Team you are just all wonderful people accompanying and comforting us in those very difficult.moments. Bless u always

Jennifer Chinappen    April 9, 2021  

Thank you to the whole Elie and Sons team present for accompanying us in this difficult moment. Excellent service from start to finish despite the confinement. A special thank you to Manisha for supporting us with so much attention, patience and professionalism. My family and myself really appreciated to have you around. We managed to prepare everything with your help as my Mum would.like it to be. Keep it up and stay safe

Jennifer Chinappen    April 8, 2021