What is Funeral Scheme?

Funeral Scheme allows you to pay towards a simple burial/ cremation funeral. So everyone in your family will have less to worry about financial difficulties when the time comes and can have a dignified funeral.

Although death is usually the furthest thing from one’s mind, it must be thought about, and most importantly, prepared for. Like most things in life a funeral is expensive and something that has to be planned for.

How do I pay for Funeral Scheme?

Monthly installment can be either Standing order or in Elie & Sons Funeral Scheme Offices closer for

What is included in Funeral Scheme?

You can find out what’s included in Funeral Scheme by taking a look at our comparison table.

What is the average cost of a cremation in Mauritius?

Depending of the Cremation services, around Rs 1000 – Rs 3000

What are disbursements?

Fees to be paid by the family at time of death.
Disbursements (also known as ‘third party costs’) are the necessary fees paid to third parties – the Crematorium, the cemetery and Doctors – at the time of the funeral. These are paid by the family directly to the officers and are not under the control of the funeral Directors. As a rough guide, the average combined costs of these disbursements are Rs 1500-5000 today and could rise in the years to come.

What if I want to have extra services not included in Funeral Scheme?

If you would like additional services, these can simply be requested by the person arranging your funeral at the time. The Elie& Sons funeral director will be able to provide advice and costs.

What happens if I die when I’m abroad?

Funeral Plan doesn’t cover the cost of transportation from abroad. This means you would need to ensure that you have travel insurance that covers repatriation costs or pay at the time of need. Elie & Sons Funeral Directorshas a Repatriation Team that can assist with these arrangements in the event of a death overseas. Then Funeral Scheme will take over from the Airport to all necessary displacement till cemetery/cremation.

Can I select the Funeral Directors?

No, Elie & Sons Funeral Directors is the only company that will be contact for all Funerals.

How does the monthly payment work?

Funeral Plan is monthly paid. You simply pay a fixed monthly premium for the rest of your life.

What happens if I stop paying premiums?

It’s important you pay your premiums each month, as if you stop paying for three consecutive months, your insurance policy would be cancelled, your funeral services wouldn’t be provided and you wouldn’t get anything back.

What happens if I change my mind and I don’t want to use the funeral services provided under Funeral Scheme?

If you change your mind and want to stop the Funeral Scheme you will be required to write a letter to the company Elie& Sons Funeral Scheme Ltd, to advise your choice, and you wouldn’t get anything back.

If you want to change from a cover to another cover you will have a fee to pay for the change.

Can I cancel my Funeral Scheme?

You have 30 days from the day you receive your documents from Elie & Sons Funeral Scheme Officers to cancel your Scheme and to get a full refund. After that, you can cancel your Scheme at any time by notifying us in writing. Remember, if you do cancel after the 30 days, your Scheme will end, your funeral services will not be provided and you won’t get anything back. As long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums, your Scheme will not be cancelled by us for any reason.

What happens if the cash sum is more or less than the cost if the funeral services provided under Funeral Plan?

Note that life expenses are subject to rise in the years to come but your premium will be fixed and also the funeral services will be the same as our officers had explained to you.

What happens if my family is not aware of my Funeral Plan and arranges and pay for my funeral with another provider?

It’s always a good idea to discuss your plans with loved ones. But unfortunately Elie & Sons  won’t refund anything as per contract.

What happens if Elie & Sons Funeral Scheme ceases to trade?

In either case, we will seek to ensure that the funeral will be provided either by Elie & Sons Funeral Directors or an alternative funeral provider. If we were unable to find another appropriate funeral director, the cash sum would be paid to you on your death. Please be aware that in such circumstances the cash sum may not cover the full cost of any alternative funeral arrangements.