Procedures When Someone Dies

Pending a future decease in the family or a sudden death, the family must have the following documents:-

  • Birth Certificate of the decease
  • His/her Identity Card
  • Marriage Certificate

When a person dies in a private residence, a nursing home or a private hospital (Clinic) a certificate of the cause of Death will usually be signed by the family doctor that he / she has attended the patient.

If death occurs in a public or private hospital (Clinic) the attending doctor will usually sign the certificate of the cause of Death.

If the funeral is held in less than 24hrs, the doctor must write on the certificate of the cause of Death “Early burial is authorized

In case the decease is cremated, the doctor must also provide a form of “Cremations B

Once the death has been confirmed, the family is able to contact Elie & Sons Funeral Directors to initiate commencement of the funeral arrangement.