Elie and Sons is a family business. Founded in 1930 by James Elie, the main activity of the company was to undertake funerals. James Elie died in 1968 and his son Roger Elie took over the lead with the help of his wife Jacqueline. It was a new challenge and they both decided to undergo a special training in Australia. Once back from Australia, Roger Elie and Jacqueline Elie instilled a new approach in the funeral philosophy. A new era was born.

Eric Elie the elder son joined the company in 1995 followed by the younger son Wesley. Elie and Sons had at that stage a staff of only ten employees. Growing at a very fast pace and having a work force of approximately one hundred employees, the youngest sibling Jerome Elie also joined the company. Jessica, Karen and Chrystelle the spouses of the three sons also joined in the family business as from year 2010.

Four business units have since been implemented and they are Elie and Sons Repatriation, Elie and Sons Funeral Scheme, Elie and Sons Funeral Directors and Elie and Sons Funeral Suppliers. With more than eighty years experience, Elie and Sons perpetuates its professionalism and excellence in the field of funerals.